Place to Heal

YIC Terms and Condition
  1. Applicants in their own interest must read and understand all the information published in the succeeding paragraphs. Course will be of 200 hrs and will be completed in 3 months.
  2. Application form can be obtained from this institute on any working day between 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. or form can be download from the institute website www.kayakalppalampur.in
  3. Application duly filled up will be deposited in this institute on any working day for registration. Registration fee is Rs. 100/- which will be charged at the time of depositing the application.
  4. Application can also be submitted by post alongwith DD for Rs. 100/- in favour of Kayakalp payable at Palampur.
  5. Tuition fee for YIC will be Rs. 8000/-. Candidate availing residential facilities (Dormitory) will be charged lump sum amount of Rs. 20,000/- per month which is inclusive of residential fee, meal and shall be payable at the time of admission in advance. In addition to the fee the following room heating charges will be charged extra during winter season:-
    • For Heater                   –           Rs. 120 per day
      For Blower                  –            Rs. 140 per day
      For Heat Pillar           –           Rs. 140 per day
  6. Laundry facilities will be provided on payment.
  7. Candidates are required to make their own arrangement for boarding and lodging. However, limited residential facilities available which will be allotted to the most needy candidate as decided by the management.
  8. Affix one recent good quality photographs in the space provided for this purpose on the application form.
  9. Document required – 10th pass/ 10+2 pass/ experience if any should be attached alongwith application form. Application without signature will be treated as incomplete and rejected.
  10. Students are not covered under the placement policy as such this institute does not guarantee the placement.
  11. This course is not an academic qualification but a vocational training and students are certified as yoga professional for teaching yoga either as a self employed or as an employees of a yoga teaching/ training institute.
  12. It will be the responsibility of parents / guardians to keep themselves updated about their wards attendance and progress through institute management system or otherwise
  13. If a student found having any kind of serious ailment or any kind of psychiatric history or psychological ailment or otherwise suffering from mental trauma or depression or any kind of such problem or having any tendency to do anything unwarranted including but not limited to committing suicide, be considered as detrimental or otherwise not appropriate by the institute, for the course atmosphere or otherwise, the institute shall reserve the right to cancel his admission at any time and he shall have no claim for refund of fee already paid or whatsoever against the institute.
  14. Students are strictly prohibited from conducting any religious indoctrination and observances including prayer at any place in the institute. However; a student might worship or pursue the prayer alone, silently in bed allotted for residential facilities, if any, in such a way that his/ her activity does not disturb other occupants of the same residential facilities or neighbouring residential facilities. Loud chants or other musical/ sound producing instruments are prohibited to avoid disturbance/ noise pollution. Usage of Dhoopbatti / Agrarbatti/ such incense sticks or any burning material are prohibited in the residential facility due to safety reason.
  15. Only vegetarian meal will be allowed. Students are not allowed to produce, store, prepare or consume non vegetarian meal. Meal timings will be adhered strictly.
  16. Students during the class and afterwards are required to behave in a disciplined manner and dignified manner within the class and campus.
  17. Students during the duration of the programme in the institute are required to behave very decently towards other students, staff, teachers and visitors etc. Any act of misbehavior will not be tolerated at all and the students found guilty will be liable for disciplinary action/ expulsion from the course with immediate effect, without assigning any reason.
  18. Students are required to adhere to dress code on prescribed for the course.
  19. Students are not allowed to form or associate or incite others to form or associate in any manner with any kind of formal and informal union, association, group form, organization, institution etc., whether authorized or unauthorized at any level, within or outside the campus.
  20. Participation in any strike or subversive activities is strictly prohibited.
  21. Students are not allowed to do anything which may cause disturbance in the studies of other students or may be deemed vulgar in any way.
  22. Students are not allowed to hold any meeting, gathering or to do any kind of celebration within or outside the campus.
  23. Students are asked to maintain 80% attendance strictly in Yoga Course.

Note: Note: In case of any dispute on any matter concerning the course whether covered by the terms and condition or not, and/ or for interpretation of / in relation to any content of the term and conditions, course material published anywhere in any manner relating to the institute, the decision of the competent authority of the institute shall be final and binding on all concerned, and thereafter the courts at Palampur, H.P. (India) only shall have jurisdiction for unresolved disputes.